Info and rules

Tammeka Cup 2023 information

Age groups and rules

Age groupsDatesPlayers on fieldTime
Boys 2009-201015.06.202311v111×25
Boys 201116.06.20239v91×22
Boys 201216.06.20239v91×22
Boys 201315.06.20237v71×20
Boys 201416.06.20237v71×20
Boys 201517.06.20235v51×18
Boys 201617.06.20235v51×18
Boys 201717.06.20234v41×16


Team entry fee:

  • 11v11 tournament – 175 Eur/Team
  • 9v9 tournament – 150 Eur/Team
  • 7v7 tournament – 125 Eur/Team
  • 5v5 tournament – 100 Eur/Team
  • 4v4 tournament – 75 Eur/Team

Accomodation and meals will be provided according to your wishes in hotels/motels and in the local schools. For more detailed offer, please feel free to contact us: Erki Kade, mobile +372 55 646 359, e-mail  or

Jaano Poomre
Mobile: +372 55 646 359


Age groupPlayers on fieldTimeOffsideBall size
Boys 2009-201011v111×25+5
Boys 20119v91×22+4
Boys 20129v91×22+4
Boys 20137v71×203
Boys 20147v71×203
Boys 20155v51×183
Boys 20165v51×183
Boys 20174v41×163


Artificial and natural grass stadiums are being used in Tammeka Cup 2023.


The best teams will be rewarded with goblets and prizes. Players with medals.

Boys 2016 and 2017 teams will be divided depending on the level, but the scores will not be kept. Every participant will be rewarder with medal.

Team sizes / substitutions

The sizes of teams are not limited. The player taken part of the tournament have to show their documents of identification if its requested by the organizers of the tournament. The number of the substitutions during the game is not limited, back and forth substitutions are allowed.


During the tournament Tammeka Cup, it is not allowed for the players to play in more than one team in the same age group.

  • In the boys 2009-2010 teams are only allowed to use players, who are born on year 2009 or 2010.
  • In the Boys 2011 and 2012 , teams are allowed to register up to 2 players, who are born on 1th of august or later preceding the age class main year of birth
  • In the Boys 2013 and 2014  age groups, teams are allowed to register up to 1 players, who are born on 1th of august or later preceding the age class main year of birth
  • In the Boys 2015-2017  age groups over aged players are not allowed (only special permit)

To avoid mess in tournament please bring player documents or proof of identification.

Tournament system

Win gives the team 3 points in the table, draw gives the team 1 point in the table. In case the teams have equal points in particular group following criteria will apply in the order:

  • The points in a game the teams played in group;
  • Overall goal difference;
  • Overall scored goals;
  • Punishments;
  • Draw;
  • Extra time and penalties

Extra time will not be played. If the game ended in a draw there will be penalties (3 penalties).

Forfeited game

The team, who is late to the game without sufficient reason (maximum 15 minutes) or forfeits the game will automatically lose the game 0:3.


The protests must be made no later then half an hour after the match. The protests will be judged by a three-man-jury appointed by the organizers. The decisions of the jury will be final.
The protest must be enclosed a deposit of 100 € which will be returned if the protest is sustained.


The football club Tammeka takes no responsobility of injuries, health problems, diseases, thefts or for other material losses during the tournament.

The organizer leaves itself the right to make changes in the rules of the tournament!

Info, contacts:

Jaano Poomre, mobile: +372 55 646 359, e-mail: